Rainbow Down is an electro/homo/solo artist based in Nottingham.

After spending many years as the vocalist and lyricist of several different bands that all crumbled due to frustrating external factors, Rainbow Down took it upon himself to start writing and producing his own material.

After being shown some basic programming from various friends and musicians, he used a combination of Reason, Audacity and an mp3 player's microphone to start producing tracks at the tail end of summer 2008. It was this method he used to record his first lo-fi demos, before teaching himself more techniques to broaden, expand and improve his unique sound.

Rainbow Down continues to write and produce music, with influences varying from witch-house to 8 bit, industrial to 80's pop.


"He may only be one man but he can make a whole spectrum of sounds. Rainbow Down is one of Nottingham's most eclectic artists with a range of diverse genres" NUSIC

"Solo synth and vocals from this up and coming Notts artist with multiple influences, kind of like a cross breed Marilyn Manson/Robert Smith from the future." INFL

"Infectious and groove-laden electronica. 8-bit glitch, off kilter beats and twitsted disco synth." PRIDE BRISTOL

"The name says it all - it's a pretty extreme antithesis of pure dance pop and industrial dirges; Rainbow Down tackles a difficult genre and pulls it off with apparent ease - his songwriting talents are immense and enviable and he conjures beats and hooks that are ingeniously euphoric. Most importantly, though, he takes expectations and shatters them at every turn." THE SONIC REVERIE

"A conflicting heap of glorious contradictions wrapped in a shiny, dramatic pop bubble. Tremendous stuff." LEFT LION

"Like a punk singing over breakbeat." RANDOM AUDIENCE MEMBER

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